Online trading

We innovate so that you can operate online and safely monitor your account with a modern trading system.

Desde nuestra plataforma es posible:

  • Consult your holding and valued portfolio, broken down by instrument and transaction.

  • Purchase and sell stocks, bonds (in pesos and dollars), cedears and options or subscribe our funds.

  • Build a customized panel.

  • Consult the quotation of all securities and the status of your purchase and sale orders at any time of the day.

  • Our platform is a DMA platform (Direct Market Access), which allows to complete an order direcly in the market, thereby increasing the control thereof in real time.

How can you obtain a user name to access to the online platform?

If you are a client, ENTER THIS LINK, complete your data and start operating. You can also contact us at

IF you are not a client, OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT and start boosting your savings

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