Portfolio management

We accompany individuals, companies and institutions and provide services suited to their needs

Personalized attention

Includes financial advisory in its different forms, including recommendations, consultations or the discretionary management of the clients' portfolios.

Advisory and monitoring

Our clients are assigned a Portfolio Manager who provides them information and advices them on the best investment alternatives, periodically monitoring its asset portfolio.

Managed portfolios

We present a series of managed portfolios designed according to the investor's risk profile (low, medium, high risk), with constant rebalancing according to the market perspective of our team of analysts.

Our team

    Wealth management

  • Julián Barla
  • Sergio Abraham
  • Gastón Soquiransky
  • Georgina Krause

    Institutional and corporate businesses

  • Jordan Casteglione
  • Marcelo Elbaum
  • Carlos Carpanelli
  • Silvina Martin Bascary
  • Sebastián Aparo
  • Lucas Cosentino
  • Diego Fernandez Prato
  • Mauro Fortini
  • Contact: corporativos@allaria.com.ar


  • Juan Carlos Santanello
  • Valeria Rosales
  • Javier Lerner
  • Javier Surin
  • Pedro Laferrere
  • Guadalupe Gardiol
  • Santiago Pedrini
  • Tomas Carriquiri
  • Guadalupe García Bourg
  • Lucía Juarez
  • Contact: comerciales@allaria.com.ar

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